So, you'd like to try on some wedding dresses?  Awesome!
Although we do accept walk-ins, we recommend making an appointment to try on wedding gowns at The Perfect Gown.  An appointment ensures you a fitting room as soon as you arrive and one of our gown specialists to help you!  You can call the shop at 204-417-9599 to book an appointment


Get Inspired: Before booking your first appointment with a us, it’s important to have some sense of your likes and dislikes. Start by flipping through magazines and skimming blogs for inspiration. What type of dresses appeal to you? Collect images for reference (these will come in handy when you meet with us). If you honestly have no idea, it’s no problem as well, we will try our bests to find something you will LOVE!

Before coming in, please browse our selection of gowns available on our site, if you see something you would love to try on, please let us know when you come in for your appointment. We will be happy to pull them out for you.

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Our fitting appointments run approximately 90 minutes (though of course, you're not obligated to use up the whole block of time!) 
We offer appointments at:

  • 10:00am (on weekends)

  • 11:30am

  • 1:00pm

  • 2:30pm

  • 4:00pm (on weekdays)

Now that you're booked in... here's what you need to know before you come to try on gowns!

Trying on wedding dresses is one of the most fun parts of planning for your wedding.  We have a few tips before you come to The Perfect Gown, to make your fitting experience the best it can be!



Bring the shoes that you are likely to wear for your wedding.  It will give you a much better idea of how the dress sits on you.  If you haven't chosen your shoes yet, bring a pair of shoes that is closest to the height of the heel you will probably be wearing.


Some women buy special undergarments for their wedding day while others prefer to be comfortable in their everyday underwear.  Regardless of what you plan to wear under your dress, make sure you bring it to your fitting appointment.  You'll get a much better idea of the fit of a dress when you're wearing exactly what you'll have underneath on the big day.


The Perfect Gown's viewing area is small and intimate so we ask that you bring no more than five guests to your appointment to make sure everyone has a spot to sit comfortably... and so you have more than enough room to move around as you try on our beautiful dresses!

As seen in many of the reality shows, if you bring an entire entourage of friends and family to your appointment, things can quickly get out of hand as opinions begin to clash. The takeaway? Keep your crew small and intimate and try to invite two to three people whose opinions align with your style vision.


We ask that you please remind everyone who will be accompanying you, we are strictly a strict scent-free shop, due to our owner's severe chemical scent allergy.  This means avoid wearing any perfumes or scented creams/body sprays, and heavily scented hair products. 

In the case of someone wears a strong scent and is affecting the owner (she may be the one helping you during your appointment!), we may have to cut your appointment short or ask the person wearing the scent to exit the shop.  We thank you sincerely for your understanding.


Makeup should be kept to a bare minimum. Please try to wear minimal makeup to avoid transfers on to the wedding gowns.


Get a trusted friend to snap a few photos of the front, back and side of the dress. This will help you compare and contrast all the gowns you’ve tried on. Keep in mind that some places don’t allow photos, but here we highly encourage it. Shopping can get overwhelming to the point many dresses tend to look a like. Remain calm and if you need to reschedule, we will be happy to do so.


Wedding gowns normally take five months to arrive and another eight weeks to alter, so START EARLY (ideally about a year or so before). Now, don’t overwhelm yourself with a barrage of appointments over one weekend; instead, start out with one or two appointments a week and see how it goes. When you start early in your search, you give yourself time to enjoy the process, take breathers, regroup, compare and truly enjoy the search as it’s meant to be enjoyed!


We’ve all heard the stories of  brides who bought the first dress they saw but in reality that doesn’t happen all that often. Everyone is different, you may visit several boutiques and try on lots of dresses before you find ‘the one’ so go with little or no expectation, to eliminate any pressure.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience, it’s your wedding day and finding your wedding dress is all just part of the fun!